the Polio Salon Japan  (ポリオサロン)

A Total Information Resource for " POLIO" and " POST POLIO" in Japan
by Mr. Nakagane
, a polio survivor


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W elcome to the Polio Salon Japan  

   This is the personal and general site as a place to exchange information of Polio , Post Polio and some local matters to the Japanese and some foreign residents in Japan. I try to help Polio Survivors learn about ways to cope with their conditions.
   We have learned through internet that there are a lot of Polio Home Pages in the world. But there are few in Japan. So this will be the unique sources to find companions both in Japan and abroad.


H istory of Polio in Japan

     New polio patients, 2,000-5,000, were found in Japan every year up to 1961. But the vaccine was introduced in the spring-summer of 1961 , and from the next year, new cases almost vanished. Yet , a new polio victim , a father of a child who took the vaccine got severe polio in 1996 in Nagasaki Prefecture. The polio virus seemed to have moved from the child to the father.

     Most of Japanese children take the Sabin Oral vaccine since 1961. People are not interested in this old disease recently.


W hat is the current state of Post Polio in Japan?

    Most of the polio survivors in Japan don't know the term "Post Polio Syndrome" yet. They are trying to work just as other healthy people without handicaps. Most of us are already 40-70 years old. We should do something for preventing PPS.


O ther Polio Home Pages in Japan


POG-PPS Online Guide
"POG" (in Japanese only)

GORIRANNMARU (in Japanese only)


PEANUT (in Japanese only)


Post Polio by Mr. Narita

  Post Polio Home Page by Mr. Makimi Narita (in Japanese only)


  W eb Master

Mr. Shoji Nakagane

Hokkaido Japan

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